August 10, 2006

Bad news for Apocalypto

Disney Looking to Dump Mel?According to the ever-reliable Fox News (those of you who get all upset about our Brokeback posts better appreciate this), Disney, currently slated to release Mel Gibson's Mayan epic Apocalypto in December, is now quietly searching for a new distributor for the film. The one name being mentioned thus far is Lionsgate, a studio that, as the Fox article points out, has been successful with a handful of other abandoned/difficult projects, including Kevin Smith's rather abrasive Dogma (not to mention the much loved, straight-to-video release Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood).

Ever since the details about Gibson's arrest came out, there has been speculation about whether his public fall would impact the release of the already difficult-to-market Apocalypto; it would certainly be understandable if Disney simply wanted to wash their hands of the whole thing. More details when/if they emerge.

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