August 17, 2006

Update on proto-Puma

A correspondent comments on my review of Marvel's WESTERN LEGENDS:This article, posted, concerns that tribe's version of the Creation. And, in that legend, several references are made to a tribe called "the Kisani." Apparently, this is supposed to have been the antediluvean name of the Ancestral Puebloans (a.k.a. "the Anasazi").Thanks for the info. I hadn't heard that. It doesn't change my critique, but it's worth noting.

Actually, the fact that "Kisani" refers to the ancient Puebloans muddies the water further. With its references to Cap'n Jack, lava beds, and volcanic tubes, the story is apparently set in Northern California. But with its references to the Acoma and Kisani people, it's apparently set in New Mexico. Oops.

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