August 14, 2006

Sometimes you feel like a nut....

Occasionally people claim I'm wasting my time and should just lighten up. But people with blatant prejudices still live among us, venting their views and hoping someone will listen. Here's a recently posting from David Cornut, who thinks Custer is a great American hero:

Why you should never vote liberalOne of the most disturbing and enduring myth about US history is the teaching of the American West: murderous Whites were beating to death wonderful Good Savages. By mixing real events with their own beliefs, liberal historians and writers are creating new lies which often stand for decades. Native American author James Welch, who was writing a book about General Custer and the Plains Indians in 1994 (1), knew that he could do whatever he wanted by pointing about “US bad treatments of Native Americans”. He lied about Custer and spent most of his time talking about the famous “Native American genocide.” It’s a pure liberal lie (or Ward Churchill’s lie), yet everyone has heard about it and almost everyone thinks it’s true.

Here’s what Historian Stafford Poole (1) said : “There is many words to describe what happened in the North Hemisphere, but «genocide» is not one of them. It’s a good piece of propaganda in times when devises and tempers have taken the place of thoughts and knowledge […]” The “genocide” is a pure liberal lie. Native Americans died by sicknesses, which were mostly their own and some European like smallpox or flu. No genocide here. Historians are yelling that there was actually NO attempt by the US government to exterminate the Native Americans, but liberals are using Hollywood to run over their works. The “genocide” myth goes on with considerable success. Liberals are gambling with US guiltiness about the Conquest of the Native American lands. They’re lying and attempting to make their lie come an “accepted and undisputable fact”.
Poor li'l Cornut. The liberals have taken over the US and Europe and indoctrinated the masses with "political correctness." That most people now recognize the crimes committed against Indians is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy.

For more of Cornut's opinions, see The "Official Website" of George A. Custer. For an explanation of the genocide, including the role disease played in it, go to Genocide by Any Other Name....

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