August 10, 2006

Movies I never heard of

Spirit Rider (1993)
The Homecoming of Jimmy Whitecloud (2001)
Get Goosed (2002)
Nate and the Colonel (2003)
Barn Red (2004)

They must've had an extremely limited release or gone straight to video. Oh, well. I've added them to my list of The Best Indian Movies. For more information, go to


Anonymous said...

"Barn Red" is an Indian movie? Have you actually seen it? I am wondering if you are including it just from mistakenly thinking the title is "Born Red". Yes, I've seen it. It's an Ernest Borgnine movie about development threatening an old family farm. If there was a Native character in it, I don't recall seeing one.

Rob said...

I haven't seen any of these movies, since I just learned about them. But some quick research shows that Barn Red is a movie with a prominent Native role (not a movie about Natives). Kimberly Norris (Colville/Salish Kootenai/Cherokee) is the first actor credited on and she appears next to Ernest Borgnine in the movie's cover art.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation. Glad it was not the "Born Red" thing. Yes, her character was quite prominent (no mere bit part). Not that it has anything to do with anything, but the voice of Marge Simpson is in it as well.

Anonymous said...

...and actually, the brief description at describes her Norris' character as being Native as well. Thanks for reminding me of this film.

Anonymous said...

And here is another one: "Frozen Stupid", look it up at

It is the lastest in Rich Brauer's several films starring Ernest Borgnine. Like his "Barn Red", this one also includes Kimberly Norris. I've not seen this one yet (unlike Barn Red). I have no idea, from reading the summary, if her character is Native as well.

Continuing on, there is also the Jeff Daniels film "Escanaba in da Moonlight" from a few years back. Richard Brauer actually did some work on this one as well, but Borgnine was not in it. However, sure enough Kimberly Norris is in it too, playing a character named "Wolf Moon Dance Soady". So that is a second one to add to your list.

I know about these films because I know some of the people who have made and starred in them.

Rob said...

Thanks for the info. Are Norris's roles in these two movies significant? I'm trying not to include every movie that has a Native actor in it even if the role is minor.