August 09, 2006

An Indian off-Broadway

From the Herald Tribune, 8/8/06:

Review:  'Indian Blood' Thin in PlotThe story revolves around Eddie (an appealing Charles Socarides), who comes from a loving, well-to-do family and is desperate to rebel. A precocious kid, as well as the play's narrator, who is convinced that he is descended from the Seneca Indians, Eddie spends most of his time at school drawing naughty pictures of Mark Twain's Injun Joe and Glinda the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz."

He blames his propensity to act up on the Native American blood that he believes to be flowing through his veins, which apparently causes him to say things such as, "Deep inside, I have a profound grudge against the customs of the white man."
Comment:  See also the review in the NY Times.

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