November 05, 2006

More on "Brocket 99"

Request from a correspondent:Hi, I noticed what an amazing job you have been completing on your stereotype of the month section on your website and I would be honored if you would submit a response to Brocket99. This website, along with the distributed tapes and downloads, is the ultimate stereotype of the month for all Canadian First Nations Individuals. I find the content to be a humiliation and disrespect which is slandering through its stereotypical nature.


Cherish Clarke
Taku River Tlingit First Nation


The Local Crank said...

Wow, that's just really...unbelievable. So much for Canada's reputation for tolerance. "Can't take a joke," that's just pathetic.

Not a Sioux said...

That's a really really terrible page. I looked at it about as much as I could stand, and it seemed to be something similar to those real bad neo-Nazi/skinhead pages.