November 02, 2006

NativeVue is the site for movies

After Two Months, NativeVue Film and Media Finds People Love Native American Movies. ReallyIt’s no surprise to Editor Carole Levine that NativeVue Film and Media ( has logged an average of 10,000 site visits per day to the online magazine’s blogs, feature articles and forums she and her dedicated contributors submit on a daily basis. The only thing that does surprise Levine is how quickly the audience has found the site, which debuted in mid-September.

“We went with our gut on this one. I mean, look around at the quality and quantity of films being made by Native film artists; look at the increase in the number of film festivals, of media and the outright enthusiasm you can feel and see,” Levine says. “It doesn’t surprise me that folks are hungry to learn more—not at all. I’m just amazed at how quickly the word has gotten out about us.”

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