November 04, 2006

Students learn during AI month

Boise State University engages students in Native American cultureThanks to the hospitality of the tribes, students had the opportunity to sleep under the stars in a traditional tepee and to participate in three days of the “Shoshone-Bannock 2006 Indian Festival.” They mingled with Indian people from across the Northwest and Canada while listening to traditional drumming and singing and dancing. They also watched the competition and selection of Miss Sunni Bigday as 2006 Shoshone-Bannock Queen.

Students attended the all-Indian rodeo, Indian relay races, Indian Hand Games and Indian art show and browsed through the tribal museum. Some sampled Indian tacos; Indian fry bread; Navajo-mutton stew; buffalo, elk and deer jerky; various jams and many other traditional delicacies while others purchased jewelry and crafts.

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