November 08, 2006

White privilege defined

White Whine:  Reflections on the Brain-Rotting Properties of PrivilegeThat's what privilege is, for all those who constantly ask me what I mean when I speak of white privilege. It's the ability to presume that your reality is the reality; that your experiences, if white, are universal, and not particular to your racial identity.

It's the ability to assume that you belong and that others will presume that too; the ability to define reality for others, and expect that definition to stick (because you have the power to ensure that it becomes the dominant narrative).

And it's the ability to ignore all evidence to the contrary, claim that you yourself are the victim, and get everyone from the President to the Supreme Court to the average white guy on the street to believe it.
For more on the subject, see my posting on systemic racism.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
'White privilege' in the New World only has existed since 1492. Theretofore, humans simply were just another species in evolutionary co-operation with all others. Today, Euro-humans are in competition with all other species for conquest and superiority and profit, unfortunately including the humans who were just another species in evolutionary co-operation with the rest. 'Privilege' had become equated with 'elite', which if one checks their Strunk & White, means 'chosen'.
'Ownership' as a concept is not the same thing as 'territorial imperative' and Natives asked the invading Euro-humans, "Who can own the land, or the waters, or the air, or the stars at night?" To which the Euro-humans said, "Watch THIS!"
All Best
Russ Bates