March 16, 2007

Indigenous people to share ET's secrets?

Extraterrestrial contact with Earth's indigenous peoples reveal Western societally repressed knowledgeAccording to indigenous peoples from the Americas to South Africa, they have guarded the hidden history of humanity all along, quietly maintaining contact with visiting and resident stellar relatives. Mobilized, now, by what they believe is the fulfillment of long-prophesied warnings, the elders of these indigenous people around the world have begun, they say, to break vows of silence and share their ancient secret stellar wisdom.

African Epiphany

Thanks to the work of Robert Temple, in his book entitled The Sirius Mystery, the startling knowledge of Sirius and its dwarf companion by Africa's Dogon tribe is widely known. The Dogon possess knowledge, such as the star system's orbital periods and the companion star's invisibility, which cannot be confirmed by naked eye observation, and which modern Astronomers have learned only relatively recently.


voyageur said...

The Sirius thing is a hoax. I was enthralled by it when I first read of it in the 1970s. Then later I read about how Robert Temple cooked his evidence.

Rob said...

More on the Dogon and Sirius: