March 31, 2007

More on the Tohono O'odham language

A second expert has confirmed that the language in the Phoenix New Times article about Anna Nicole Smith is reasonably accurate. Again, a great hoax if it is one.


gantone said...

First of all, I was raised in the community of Sells. Anyone who is familier with the community and its members will recognize this person is not a community member. This person is nothing more than a publicity starved hoax. Anyone is a fool to believe any of this crap.

Rob said...

That's soft evidence, if not hard evidence. Thanks.

But note: If you say Johnny Soto is a publicity seeker, you're buying into the hoax. For all we know, Soto may not exist.

In that case, the publicity seekers would be Charles Tatum and the Phoenix New Times. But since I'm about the only person investigating the hoax, they aren't getting much publicity.