July 20, 2007

Dem candidates spurn Indians

Top contenders say no to Prez on the RezThe leading Democratic candidates for president will not participate in the Prez on the Rez debate at the Morongo Indian reservation next month, an organizer said Thursday.

Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois and Hillary Clinton of New York and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina rejected invitations to the Aug. 23 event, said Kalyn Free, president of the Indian group organizing the event.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob , shouldn't this posting mention the Casino issue and the unionization thereof as impacting the decision not to appear.

Spurning Indians NO
Spurning potential conflict YES

Rob said...

Ideally, yes, the original article should've given more context.

I could've provided more context also, but I already spend too much time on this blog. ;-)

Since California's gaming tribes are battling unions, the candidates chose to appease the unions rather than appease the Indians. In other words, they spurned the Indians for the unions.