July 16, 2007

Hopi reggae battles meth

Casper and the Mighty 602 Band take music to a higher levelCasper "Lomadawa" ("Beautiful Sun" in Hopi) Lomayesva, is a creative pioneer in the blending of traditional Hopi philosophies and traditions with contemporary reggae vibes into a whole new sound that is uniquely and appropriately called Hopi reggae.

With three full length albums under his belt and countless hours on tour, Casper has felt that it is time for his music to take a new direction, one that strikes at the very lives of people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds, a battle against a foe who is literally taking lives by the minute and damaging the very core of every family that it touches. The foe is methamphetamine, or "meth."
Comment:  Casper is an occasional correspondent and supporter of Blue Corn Comics.

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