July 18, 2007

Navajo "Clash of the Titans"

Artist draws equally on Navajo, Greek heritageArtist Anna Tsouhlarakis breaks the stereotypes of Native Americans, combining her Navajo heritage with images from her Greek side to produce art that is iconic and iconoclastic at the same time.

And through it all, the themes of change and violence run like a journey. An exhibit of her work, "Clash of the Titans," is on display at the Navajo Nation Museum starting today, July 12, and continuing through Dec. 15.
Her exhibit explained:She acknowledged that people might not understand why she chose to depict Greek gods as Navajo people so she went on to say, "A lot of artists make Indians look the same. Indians are diverse people and are always changing, and as Navajo people we cannot stay stagnant.

"Change is important. Our ancestors encouraged change. We must be strong enough to change or else our culture will die," she continued.

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