July 21, 2007

Sky's the limit for "Soaring Eagle"

Gerald Auger ~ Director/Producer/Actor/WriterGerald Auger has certainly come a long way from his humble origins of Wabasca, Alberta, Canada. A National Native Role Model, Entrepreneur and Director/Producer/Writer/Actor who has appeared on a TV series and a few movie appearances to his credit, Auger is living proof that if the spirit is willing, the sky is the limit.

Such achievements seemed insurmountable when Auger left an abusive home environment for a turbulent life on the streets several years ago. Abandoning his life on the reserve he spent his youth drifting between the East and West coasts, witnessing the horrors of street life, from the urban squalor afflicting his people, to routines instances of alcoholism, drug abuse, violence and witnessing death.

To avoid becoming a statistic, he kept his head above tempestuous waters stealing food and finding refuge in the occasional cardboard box. But when he saw his companions die one by one, Auger quickly came to terms with his situation: either 25 years behind bars or six feet under.

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