July 31, 2007

Hollywood knows whites' fears

White Eye for a Red DragonI'll admit it: I am completely incapable of understanding other cultures, races, ethnicities and creeds without a white surrogate. I am frightened by the other. They smell different. They eat loudly. They lambada.

Thankfully, Hollywood feels the same way. For example, when they deign to diagnose, say, the extremely naughty conflict diamond trade in Sierra Leone, they know to give me a handsome white face so as to remind me that not all people are dirty and beyond salvation. When I see this beacon of becalmed, beatific, blanched humanity, I know there is good in the world, and I leave the theater confident that, with a little training, Sierra Leone's tallest male children could become excellent shot blockers in the NBA.
Comment:  Needless to say, this applies to Hollywood's take on Indians, too.

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