January 26, 2008

Indians vs. Queen

Canadian Tribe Serves Papers on Queen of EnglandMembers of a Canadian aboriginal group have served legal papers on the Queen of England, in connection with an ongoing legal battle with the Anglican Church of Canada over the location of graves of children who died in church and government operated Indian residential schools. At issue is the location of thousands of Native graves of First Nation’s children who died, possibly murdered, allegedly at the hands of officials of Church- and government-operated Indian Residential Schools between 1867 and 1996.

The letter reads, in part:

We, as the friends and relatives of tens of thousands of children who died or were murdered in Indian Residential Schools in Canada established and run by your Church of England and the British Crown from 1867 to 1996, do hereby demand that you, Elizabeth Windsor, in your capacity as Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, and Head of the Church of England, publicly disclose the cause of death, and whereabouts of the buried remains, of all children who died in Indian Residential Schools operated by the Church of England in Canada, aka the Anglican Church. [T]his Common Law Notice also requires that you, Elizabeth Windsor, arrange the immediate repatriation without conditions of the remains of these persons to their homes for a proper burial.
Comment:  This article is vague about which tribe or group served papers on Queen Elizabeth. It's also vague about whether she received the papers she was supposedly served. But it's a good story anyway.


Anonymous said...

I was there that day. I am survivor of the Prison of genocide called residential school. It is true what happened at those institutions. The truth will never be known lie after lie will continue. Media will choose the story they want to twist in their view. The more things change the more they remain the same. It is 2008 and we still live on reserves and don't own the land we are on or the shabby houses we live in. "Treaty" there should be another word for that process. It seems every time a treaty is mentioned the same people benefit and gain resources and the same people loss resources. The plan now is to use up all the resources as quickly as possible so the "Indian" will not have any while the long drawn out "treaty" process goes on. In the end we will be blamed for the loss of resources because we didn't fight hard enough to stop it.
All my relations

Rob said...

You were there what day...when some Indians served papers on the Queen of England? If so, please tell us what happened.

granny said...

I was not there, but read a newspaper account. The letter, under the Access to Information Act, was handed to the Governor-General during a visit to the Native Women's Centre in Vancouver, by Elder Carol Martin.

It reached Buckingham Palace soon after. The letter requires the Queen, as head of the Church of England in Canada, the Anglican Church, to provide information to their families about the fate of the children who died or disappeared in their care. The Queen (via the Governor-General) has 30 days to respond, as do the churches, Harper who also received letters this week.

Canadians need to know.
The Governor-General needs to step in and take over the responsibility for the children who died or disappeared.

Rob said...

The 30 days are up. Did the Queen respond?

granny said...

No, so we are starting to occupy the churches. Eviction notices have been issued to over 200 churches on the west coast and some in Toronto.


granny said...


Oops! Here's a better link.