January 27, 2008

Turok isn't worth it

Turok Son of StoneThis DVD carries a warning on the back, but it really should be on the front. This is a very violent and blood show and not for young kids at all. Arms and legs are cut off, there are instances of cannibalism, a horse gets his head cut off and dropped which is then dropped onto the ground, animals are eaten alive, someone is slowly tortured, people staggering around with arrows all the way through their chests, and the film is filled with lots and lots of blood. I watch a lot of Japanese cartoons and this ranks up there with the most violent horror anime.

Unfortunately the animation looks like it came right out of a Saturday morning cartoon for 10 years ago. The movements are often stiff, and when people walk they seem to just glide over the background art, traveling either faster or slower than their moving legs would indicate. The character designs are rather lackluster, including the dinosaurs.

I just can't decide who this movie is aimed at. There is way too much blood and gore for children, and the story is so riddled with holes and simplistic that I can't see it holding the attention of mature audiences. With little replay value adults that are interested might want to consider renting it, but this isn't worth the purchase.

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