January 19, 2008

Turok reimagined

DVD Review:  Turok--Son of StoneIn 2008, Turok - Son of Stone has been re-imagined yet again, this time as the star of an animated movie. With a screenplay by Tony Bedard, a long-time Turok fan and writer of the Valiant series, this version of Turok hews a little closer to the original. The high-tech equipment and bionosaurs of the more recent comics and video games have been jettisoned in favor of a more classic and respectful approach to the character.

Turok - Son of Stone proves that with the right people in charge, a character can be re-imagined and reinvented for a new generation of fans. Building on the classic idea of a man trapped in a lost world that time has forgotten, this story adds more depth to the character of Turok, choosing to put the focus on the man, rather than the beasts. Turok and [his enemy] Chichak are presented as two sides of a coin. Both are proud warriors: one seeking revenge for the murder of his father, the other for the murder of his brother. The only difference between the two is that while Turok has a great respect for life, Chichak is a ruthless killer.
Comment:  Adam Beach provides the voice of Turok.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
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dmarks said...

Interesting. There is a "Turok" out next month, and it has as one of its stars Tatanka Means.... son "The Other Famous Native Russell", and also in "Comanche Moon".

IMDB link here

It is of type "V"... and I am not sure what that is... TV movie? movie? videogame? ???. However, Mr. Beach is not listed as being in connection with it at all. Sine many of the actors are listed as "voice", I am guessing it is either a game or a cartoon.

dmarks said...

(looking further, the one in IMDB has to be the same one that Rob mentioned, as both have a screenplay by Tony Bedard).

Rob said...

I believe the DVD will be out in February. (Which begs the question: If it's direct-to-DVD, why didn't it come out immediately?) You probably can order it through Amazon.com.

Oddly, IMDB doesn't list a credit for Turok. But I'm sure Adam Beach worked on this project, and I recognize his voice. He's Turok.

dmarks said...

Rob, I don't dismiss the idea that Adam Beach is still the voice, because IMDB listing does not say who does the voice for the Turok character. A strange ommission.