January 28, 2008

The professor and the Redskins

The Simpsons did it again. In a new episode titled "That 90's Show" (1/27/08), a "politically correct" professor mentioned Indians twice.

First, he gave Marge a dreamcatcher. "This dreamcatcher," he said, "was given to me by a warrior of the Lakopane tribe, a tribe ruled by women." Referring to Marge, he added, "I think it has already caught my dream." Then he began chanting stereotypically. (Needless to say, the "Lakopane" tribe doesn't exist.)

Later, he showed Marge his library. "But I watch sports as well," he said, "just like a regular man." To prove his point, he turned on a football game. But when he saw who was playing, he exclaimed, "Good goddess! The Patriots are deep in Redskin territory. This isn't entertainment; it's genocide!" He then broke down and cried.

Obviously, these bits say more about the professor than they do about Indians. But it's interesting that no minority except Indians gets this kind of exposure.

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