November 13, 2009

Mixed Blessings TV series

Mixed BlessingsMixed Blessings is a half-hour dramatic comedy series set in Fort McMurray, the ultimate Alberta boomtown. A Ukrainian plumber and a Cree waitress, both widowed with kids, fall in love and set up a new family together.

Mixed Blessings stars Gary Basaraba as Hank Kowalchuk, and award-winning actress Tina Lameman as Josie Fraser. Director Francis Damberger leads the talented cast.

Mixed Blessings explores the realities, the complexities, and the humour of blending two families and two very different cultures. Hank brings to the mix his daughter Vicky (Kirklin Maclise), his son Walt (Jesse Frechette), his sister Doreen (Emma Duncan) and his best friend Tazz (Big Daddy Tazz). Josie is blessed with her sister Kate (Michelle Thrush), her mother Kookum (Wilma Pelly), her daughter Bobbie (Emma Ashbaugh), and her sons Mick (Allen Belcourt) and Donnie (Griffin Powell Arcand).
Comment:  A mixed marriage seems like a good way to make Native culture accessible to the general public.

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