April 07, 2010

2010 Census art competition winners

Here are the results of the 2010 Census Art Competition:

NCAI Announces Winners of Census Art Competition: Native Youth Show Tribal PrideJulius Badoni, a senior at Arizona State University, says he’s been drawing since the day he was born. But his artwork is more than a passion. The 25-year-old Navajo art and business major says he wants to use his work to convey important messages in hopes that people will take action. His latest piece incorporates symbols of perseverance, tribal pride, and strength, while encouraging Native Americans to participate in the Census.

“Even at the lowest point in the 1900s, Native Americans endured,” says Badoni about his piece titled Resurgence, a colorful abstract showing the plight of Native people since 1492. “There will be a continued endurance and resurgence of Native Americans.”

Badoni is among 15 winners of the National Congress of American Indians’ (NCAI) Indian Country Counts national art competition for pre-kindergarten to post-secondary Native students. NCAI created the Indian Country Counts campaign in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau to aid tribes with the count and ensure an accurate enumeration of all Native people. Historically, American Indians and Alaska Natives are among the nation’s hardest populations to count because of a mistrust of the federal government, as well as linguistic, geographical, and cultural challenges. American Indians were severely undercounted in past Censuses. The Census Bureau estimates that over 12 percent of Native people on reservations were missed in the 1990 census and over 4 percent in 2000.
Here's the gallery of the winning entries and some of the best ones:

2010 Art Competition Gallery

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