April 01, 2010

Radio show on King Philip's War game

King Philip's War game designer John Poniske wrote this summary of his appearance on a radio show Saturday:A wonderful thing occurred last week. Tim Weisberg extended an invitation to Brian Youse, Professor Jennings and myself to attend (by phone) a session of his late night radio show SPOOKY SOUTHCOAST. There IS a connection as the prevalence of supernatural occurrences in the area are attributed to the tremendous bloodletting in King Philip's War. I was assured that the discussion would be amicable.

The promised dialogue took place last night, Saturday, March 27 between 10 and Midnight. Professor Jennings described the War, its origins and its aftermath, I entered in at 11:15 and described my background, interest in the conflict, as well as my philosophy and purpose for the game. Moreover, Tim openly supported the title and called for preorders on the air!

The discussion was satisfyingly civil and even-handed. I admitted that American Indian input would help the game. Professor Jennings admitted that the game KING PHILIP'S WAR could prove to be a benefit in disseminating information about the New England tribes.

Neither of us surrendered to the other, nor did we fall on our respective swords. We did what rational people are supposed to do, we talked with a view toward understanding each other. Prior to the interview I contacted Professor Jennings at her university office so our meeting on the air would not be uncomfortable. I also took her advice and called the offices of the area Indian Council to clear the air. Positive dialogue has begun. Positive dialogue will continue.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Dialog on King Philip's War Game and Gamers Defend King Philip's War Game.

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