April 05, 2010

Reactions to Hall's wrinkle plan

Some reactions on Facebook to Jerry Hall's statement in Hall Wants to Look "Wrinkled" Like Indians:Go for the old and wrinkled pioneer woman look, lol. What does being old and wrinkly have to do w/being NDN?

I dunno....I could make a blond joke but I will wait. I do think though plastic surgery should start early for her, starting with her brain! Grr--duh woman!

Pathetic. To reach that age and still have no clue, & say "I wanna look like" and the saddest is she's proud to have transmitted that superficiality to her 2 daughters!

I can't believe she thinks she can look so beautiful like our ancestors do and my parents who are into their late seventies and early eighties are growing old gracefully. Her skin is too pasty white to become brown and yes I can picture her look and I would think she would grow old like Stands With a Fist instead, her hair almost resembles that already, then to look on the bright side of it, I can take it as a compliment that out of all the people in the world she wants to look like an American Indian. Yes we are beautiful people.

Just because her mouth is moving doesn't mean hear brain is working.

"American Indian look" what the hell is that? A new fashion? Look out Indian sisters, they are gonna dye their hair black and their skin brown!!! Are they calling the "Am. Indian look" all wrinkly? What's the deal?

Don't know, looks like they're all totally nuts, and absolutely ridiculous. Some people are so lost they can't figure out who they are anymore. Let's say they're spiritually sick.
Comment:  To be fair, I think Hall was trying to say she wanted to age naturally rather than artificially. And not that she wanted to change herself to look more "Native." She just chose a lame way of saying it.

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Anonymous said...

I wholly agree with alot of the folks whose comments Rob put here in the article. But despite Hall's poor choice of words, she is still being stereotypical by even mentioning American Indians per her aging idea.
That alone was inane.