July 07, 2012

Skating the Navajo rez for skatepark

Skaters, BMX riders ride across reservation for skate park

By Jenny KaneFor the past 13 years, the Shiprock community has been promised a skate park.

Since then, a skate park committee formed and raised some money, but it's not clear how much.

What stalled the relatively inexpensive venture funded by the Navajo Shiprock Chapter House, and who is in charge of it now, also is not clear.

The only evidence of progress so far is a sign in a barren lot reading, "Future Site... Shiprock Skate Park." The sign is handwritten and posted on a telephone pole, just slightly larger than the one above reading, "high voltage."

Early Friday, those locals who still are holding the chapter house to its promise gathered under the sign in Shiprock near U.S. Highway 64 just before embarking on an unprecedented trip across the reservation.

They will bike, skate and drive segments of the mission, with help from several youth advocate organizations from around the state.

The Four Corners Monument, Tuba City, Canyon de Chelly, and Lukachukai are among their stops. They will end up back in Shiprock on Wednesday.
Comment:  For more on Native skateboarding, see Skateparks in Native Oklahoma and Skateboard Replaces Pony on the Rez?

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Celebrating life

'Skate & Bike Across Rez' becomes more than the ride

Youth participating in the "Celebrate Life: Skate & Bike Across Rez" event skated and biked into Shiprock, N.M., on Wednesday ending their six-day tour that took them to Tuba City, Kayenta, Wheatfields, Chinle, and Lukachukai, in efforts to get donations that would help build a skate park in Shiprock.

The group was only able to fundraise a little over $100, but the event is only the beginning of their efforts.

"Celebrate Life has touched a lot of people's hearts," said Michelle Sherman in Lukachukai on Monday. "We're thankful of the people we were able to meet and inspire."