August 27, 2012

British "Apache" is an embarrassment

"Mangas Colaradas" the British wannabe is in the news again. He got his case dismissed, but what's interesting is how real Indians have reacted to him.

British Man Living as an Apache Wins Right to Keep Badger and Eagle Parts in His Home

By Vincent SchillingThough several UK-based news publications are lauding the efforts of Colaradas as a bit of a success story, Apache tribal members in the United States aren’t as impressed with the outcome or the situation.

According to Fort Sill Apache Chairman Jeff “Haozous” Houser and Tribal Historian Michael Darrow, who are both great-great grandsons of the actual Apache Chief Mangus Coloradas, the entire matter is a bit of an embarrassment.

“Mangus was my great-great grandfather,” said Haozous, who then added, “This is not really appropriate.”

Fort Sill Apache Tribal Historian Michael Darrow also added, “This is embarrassing and it gives people the impression that being Native American is a lifestyle rather than a nationality. Tribes have treaties with the United States. Being Apache is not just a matter of a personal choice.”

Darrow also commented on the fact that Colaradas was trying to move to the U.S. and live on what UK publications are calling “red reservations.”

“Based on the images I’ve seen, he wouldn’t be too picky about which reservation he could live on. It is unfortunate he is going with the fantasy and popular cultural version of an Apache’ rather than being careful of how he is representing our culture,” said Darrow.
Welshman who lives as an Apache Indian wins the right to keep badger paws and eagle wings in his home

Comment:  With his Daniel Boone buckskins, Plains chief headdress, Lone Ranger makeup, and big ol' snake, "Mangas Colaradas" looks like a circus clown to me. Literally nothing about him resembles a historical Apache, much less a modern Apache. He's the human equivalent of a stereotypical mascot, and just as insulting as one.

For more on British "culture vultures," see "Wolf" the British Wannabe and British Couple Lives Like "Indians."

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