November 16, 2015

First thoughts after Paris attacks

Initial thoughts after the terrorist attacks on Paris:

So many people suddenly enraged after not caring at all the day before. In other words, the sheer idiocy of changing your views after the ‪#‎ParisAttacks‬. So you admit you were ignorant about Islam, terrorism, immigration, surveillance, etc. until last week? Okay, geniuses, thanks for letting us know.

So we hate ISIS. We hate Assad, who's fighting ISIS. And we hate the refugees fleeing ISIS and Assad. "Brown = evil," the Euro-American credo since 1492.

WATCH: CNN Host Insists French Muslim Accept ‘Responsibility’ For Paris Attacks

Yep, conservatives are racist hypocrites. You'll never hear them say this after a conservative Christian shoots a congregation or torches a church.

For more on terrorism, see America the Biggest Loser and White People Aren't Called Terrorists.

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