November 19, 2015

Republicans allow guns for terrorists

Republicans bow down to ISIS, hint at shutdown over refugee funding

Republicans are running out of things to shut the government down over. The next shutdown may be over parking privileges or trash pickup.

Ted Cruz, ISIS propagandist: It’s almost like the GOP wants another massive Middle East war

Republicans—who clearly see terrorism as an opportunity to score political points—are pandering as hard as they can.

Thanks to the NRA Over 2000 Suspected Terrorists Were Able to Buy Guns in the U.S.

We need a ban on terrorist guns to go along with a ban on terrorist refugees, said no Republican ever. ‪#‎hypocrites‬

Texas GOP lawmaker: Keep Syrian refugees out of our state because it’s too easy to get a gun here

Syrians are too risky! They could get guns and start shooting up schools and churches like Americans!Paul Ryan ‏@SpeakerRyan
We should not bring Syrian refugees into this country unless we can be 100 percent confident that they are not here to do us harm.
Fine, then we shouldn't let people buy guns unless we can be 100% confident they won't harm us.

Can we deport Republicans if we're not 100% sure they won't harm us?

For more on terrorism, see Syrian Refugees = Jewish Refugees and Republicans Afraid of Syrian Refugees.

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