November 25, 2015

Peyote, "firewater" in Saturday Night Live

Someone brought this old Saturday Night Live skit to my attention. I believe it appeared in Season 22, Episode 19, which aired May 10, 1997.

John Goodman plays a pharmacist filling prescriptions for pill-popping crazy lady Collette Reardon (Cheri Oteri). The following exchange occurs near the end:

Collette ReardonDon: I’m serious. All right, this one says 1000 buttons of religious-quality peyote.

Collette: Dr. Steve Longshoe. Practices medicine on the reservation. Good kid. GOOD KID!

Don: Mrs. Reardon, I’m not sure your HMO carries peyote, I’m not sure we even carry peyote, but why don’t you have a seat in our waiting area right over there—

Collette: I know where it is, eye candy. Say, this may be the Benzedrine talking, but you’re a slice of man meat, and this prescription says take with food, huh?

Don: Here’s a Whitman sampler on the house, now please, wait over there.

Collette: Okay.

Don: (on phone) Yes, Dr. Steve Longshoe, please. Uh, yes, doctor, I just wanted to check on a patient of yours, Collette Reardon?

Collette: Tell him I said hi, Don.

Don: (on phone) No, I didn’t mean to suggest anything, Dr. Longshoe. Okay. Yeah. Just stay off the firewater. No, I’m serious.
Comment:  So Indians associated with peyote? Not good. I'm pretty sure a Native doctor wouldn't have access to peyote and wouldn't prescribe it. The only Indians who might have access to it are members of the Native American Church.

Even worse, "firewater"? Don the pharmacist isn't even joking. He's straight-up telling the Native doctor not to drink.

Holy stereotypes, Batman!

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