November 22, 2015

Jennifer Lopez wears "tribal" outfit

Jennifer Lopez Wears "Tribal" Outfit for American Music Awards Opening Number

By Rachel LubitzOn Sunday night, Jennifer Lopez opened the American Music Awards with a musical medley celebrating the year's top songs.

As she shook her stuff on stage, fans took note of her signature ageless glow, her perfect caramel highlights and her "tribal" jumpsuit, which she paired with a Native-inspired fur coat.

Although Lopez had several looks throughout the night—like a fun hot pink dress and a bright yellow jumpsuit—this was the one look that earned a certain kind of reaction. While most fans noted her impressive dance moves (and the fellow celebrity reactions), some viewers cited the outfit as an uncomfortable instance of cultural appropriation.
There Was a Major Problem with Jennifer Lopez's Opening Performance at the AMAs

This is something we should be paying more attention to.

By Tyler McCall
[W]e recognized the costumes' details from Italian label Dsquared2's controversial fall/winter 2015 collection. Nicknamed "Dsquaw," the line came under fire from Native American groups for cultural appropriation, not just because of the name ("squaw" is an derogatory word used to refer to Native American women) but because of the theft of their cultural heritage. DSquared2's designers Dean and Dan Caten are Canadian, which means they should be familiar to such sensitivities.

This is how the original description of their line read:"The enchantment of Canadian Indian tribes. The confident attitude of the British aristocracy.

In a captivating play on contrasts: an ode to America's native tribes meets the noble spirit of Old Europe. Magic and mysterious tribal influences meld with royal references in a bold, quite eccentric aesthetic, revealing luxurious materials and high-end, artisanal details.
Comment:  Brown folks in cornrows, dreadlocks, and braids! So wildly outfitted and tattooed! They're fierce...savage...tribal!

For more fashion faux pas, see Los Angeles Magazine's "Going Native" and KTZ Rips Off Native Designs.

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