September 01, 2006

New episode of animated Trek

Featuring Ensigh Walking Bear, a Kiowa Indian:

The Patient Parasites


Anonymous said...

Looks more like an online comic book than an actual cartoon? From the title, I expected either a lost episode or a continuation of the actual Filmation cartoons from the 1970s.

Rob said...

Hi, Russell!

Yep, "anonymous" does a lot of posting here. I wonder why people don't use their first names, at least.

I didn't say the new episode was itself animated. It's an online comic-book version of the animated series done in the style of the series. Okay?

I'm curious: Who paid the artist for this project? Or was everyone a volunteer? Are there any other new or lost episodes, or is this it?

P.S. If you missed Russell's comment on my previous Star Trek posting, look it up in the archive.

Anonymous said...

writer: Thanks for filling us in on the background of this worthy effort.

Rob said...

"Name another TV series that has lasted 40 years in the viewing public's mind"? Um, Meet the Press? The Guiding Light? The Tonight Show?

Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm a huge fan of the original Trek, as you may or may not know.

Anonymous said...

"Dr Who" is another TV series that has lasted 40 years in the viewing public's mind. It first debuted in 1963, making it older than "Star Trek". It has had its hiatuses (hiatii?), but so has "Star Trek".

As for this comic, I've never read a web comic before. I'm going to make this one my first.

Anonymous said...

Good job, all around! It was almost like seeing one of the animated episodes for real. For one thing, the original animated episodes were not that animated (not a lot of motion), so still comic panels are not that far off. For another, my mind had no problem filling in the sound of the voices and the appropriate sound effects.

One minor comment: the Native character mentioned his ancestors' beliefs concerning eclipses. These views happen to be extremely common among others cultures as well.

I'll get an account soon. I tried yesterday, and all the names I tried were taken already.