June 24, 2007

Four Sheets on the move

NMAI Presents Sundance Winner “Four Sheets to the Wind”Described by the Hollywood Reporter as an “enchanting and decidedly idiosyncratic...in the best tradition of coming-of-age films,” Four Sheets to the Wind tells the story of Cufe Smallhill (Cody Lightning). When he finds his father dead beside a bottle of pills, Cufe fulfills his promise to sink the body in the family pond. A fake funeral, held for the community, brings together a family that has drifted apart. Wondering if there is more to life than what’s on offer in his small home town, Cufe heads for the city of Tulsa with his sister Miri (Tamara Podemski), and explores his new possibilities with Miri’s neighbor, the lovable Francie (Laura Bailey).

Four Sheets to the Wind premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, earning Podemski (Saulteaux) the coveted Special Jury Award for her role as Miri Smallhill. Harjo is a 2004 Sundance Institute Annenberg Fellow, a 2006 Renew Media Fellow, and the 2006 winner of the Tribeca All Access Creative Promise Award for Narrative Film.

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