June 24, 2007

My documentary debut

Chip Cronkite, son of Walter, is producing a documentary to accompany the Montclair Art Museum's exhibit. He's interviewing the legends in the field--Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Dick Giordano, Johnny Romita, Joe Kubert--on the evolution of comics.

Because the Montclair specializes in Native art, Cronkite wanted to get a Native perspective on comics also. At the urging of Twig Johnson and Gail Stavitsky, he contacted me.

After interviewing Stan Lee in Los Angeles Wednesday, Cronkite came by and interviewed me. I said all the usual things about PEACE PARTY and Natives in comics.

If my comments don't end up on the cutting-room floor, I should be in the documentary when it debuts in September. Stan Lee and me: two comic-book giants!

(Just kidding, of course.)

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome Rob! You go!