June 27, 2007

"Long Train of Abuses"

From a MySpace bulletin:"Long Train of Abuses" takes a look at the issues that First Nations in Canada are experiencing. The video will also take a look back at the blockades and confrontations of the past between Canada and The First Nations People.

Once again, we try to get people understanding the issues. Please view the video "Long Train of Abuses" on YouTube. Try to circulate the following links to as many as you can.

Part 1
Part 2

The effort is as we said, we want to wake up the Americans from their long sleep and see if they can stop their addiction to Paris Hilton long enough to view some news from Canada.

The video is self explanatory. We need help to ensure that it is effective in getting the message out. The same message we tried to give in 2006.

The situation between indigenous people and the rest of Canada is dangerously close to confrontation whether that confrontation happens this summer or later. It is our duty to ensure that people do not ignore the consequences of inaction.

Chief Terrance Nelson

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Anonymous said...

It says "video was removed by owner".