June 20, 2007

What's new with Notah?

Begay Happy To Be In U.S.Begay, 34, wants to earn back his PGA Tour card. "I started out so well my early in my career [with four victories in 1999 and 2000]," he said. "But I've struggled with my back mostly. Feel good, body hurts, rehab, play, then get hurt again. If my body is hurting, my game is hurting."

While resting the last six weeks, his spirits have been uplifted.

"I feel good about things I do off the course," said Begay, a Native American. "I started a foundation two years ago that works with Native Americans and awards a scholarship to encourage Native Americans to go to college. I work with tribes in golf business and consulting. ... And during the last two weeks, I spoke at two high school graduations."


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Thanks for the Notah Begay item, because writerfella is a longtime aficionado of golf and he had noticed that Notah more or less had disappeared from the tour. Golfers, just like any other branch of professional athleticism, suffer from injuries and can become quite limited in the pursuit of their chosen sport. At least now, writerfella knows what the tour announcers seem unwilling to comment upon...
All Best
Russ Bates

Rob said...

His personal problems also may have had something to do with his absence:


In January 2000 he was arrested and served seven days in jail for what, he admitted in court, was actually his second DWI incident. In his second incident he was arrested after driving into a parked car outside an Albuquerque strip club. He was originally sentenced to 364 days in jail but the judge suspended all but 7 days. Additional controversy arose when it was discovered that he was actually let out during the day during his stay in jail to work at his job, essentially spending his jail time days golfing.