June 12, 2007

NVision multimedia artists

NVision.  Changing the World, One Youth at a TimeI admit. Anything that encompasses “empowerment,” “youth” and “grass roots organizing” warms my activist soul. So when I first found out about NVision a few months back, ya, I was intrigued. Led by cousins Crystal and Bunky Echo Hawk, the non-profit is “committed to the development of Native youth leadership and traditional and contemporary expressions of art, culture, education, and media from a Native core and perspective.”

What does this mean? Simply put, NVision has programs specifically designed to engage Native youth in the visual and performing arts to promote cultural self-expression. Current projects include the Culture Shock Camp “Native Souls” hip hop documentary; the NVision Tour 2007, and the upcoming film, DNA: Defining Native America. Amazingly creative, multi-media projects developed by amazingly creative multi-media artists.

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