November 12, 2007

Creative Spirit screening

Saturday night I attended the screening of this year's Creative Spirit winners at the Sherry Lansing Theater at Paramount Pictures. As you may recall, the winners were:Two Spirits, One Journey
tells the story of forbidden love on the Lakota Indian reservation.

Written and produced by Shawn Imitates Dog (Oglala Lakota)
Directed by two-time Emmy Award winner Arthur Allan Seidelman and Chad Richman

Ancestor Eyes
tells the story of a young Native American woman and her mother, who must come to terms with her daughter's illness.

Written and directed by Kalani Queypo (Blackfeet, Hawaiian)
Produced by Angela Koenan
I was pleased to see I got my very first film credits: as a judge for the Creative Spirit competition. Can fame and fortune be far behind?

After the screenings I interviewed Shawn Imitates Dog and Kalani Queypo for an article I hope to do. I talked briefly to James Lujan, Creative Spirit's guiding, er, spirit. And I mingled with such stars as Gil Birmingham, Princess Lucaj, Delanna Studi, and Elena Finney.

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