November 11, 2007

Indians to march in Oklahoma

For Indians, a time to protest

A march and rally decrying the state centennial activities are planned.Brenda Golden mulled the state centennial for months. In the 11th month of the yearlong celebration, the American Indian activist decided to organize an Indian statement for Oklahoma's 100th birthday.

Golden will be among what she hopes are hundreds who will walk one-quarter of a mile from Northeast 16th Street to the state Capitol on Friday in protest of the event.
The marchers will miss a fun event in Guthrie:Organizers said they eschewed the idea of protesting in Guthrie, where other commemorative events are slated this week. Glenda Deer, a Kickapoo from Shawnee, said many were offended by a scheduled mock wedding in Guthrie of "Miss Indian Territory and Mr. Oklahoma."

"That's denial, that's not the way it happened," she said. "I want my grandchildren to understand how Oklahoma was acquired. I don't want them to forget it."

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Too bad that march falls on the day when writerfella will be going fishing with his cryptozoologist ex-Marine buddy who just now is returning from Africa. Wow, three cases of 24-oz beers, huge black bass at Grandpa's lake defending their winter egg nests, and no one else around for two miles when writerfella mends fences with Nik on a private lakeshore! Maybe they should have asked for writerfella's support four weeks in advance! Ah, wilderness...
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