November 03, 2007

Indigenous Youth Media Arts Center

Native youth help create media space for communityFLAGSTAFF -- Visitors to the Pine Grove Shopping Center on Fourth Street cannot have missed the buzz of activity in one small retail space between the popular Hunan East restaurant and the Hancock Fabric store. A small army of teens and young adults volunteered hundreds of manpower hours to convert 1926 N. Fourth Street #7B into the Indigenous Youth Media Arts Center and Infoshop Bookstore.

Owners and employees of the nail salon that sides the center and bookstore were patient throughout hours of noisy labor including the removal of an old stained carpet, the tile floor beneath it, and finally the thick layer of glue that held the tile in place. The walls were freshly painted a dark red, shelves were put in place, and a new window installed before more decorating could be done.

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