November 06, 2007

Navajos do Sun Dance

Navajo Supreme Court presides in Tuba City

Oral arguments heard on Bennett v. Shirley"I believe that the compact was written the way it was to prevent members of the Navajo Nation from practicing the Sun Dance Religion," Attorney James W. Zion told members of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court on Oct. 30.

"We want a declaration that negotiations on the compact were not done in a respectful manner with proper consideration in violation of the Navajo common law concept of hozho'go, Zion continued. "We want a declaration that the compact locks out Native American Church members, Christians and those that practice the Sun Dance religion," Zion continued.
Comment:  If a Navajo practices the Lakota religion, does that make him a wannabe?

I wonder if some Lakotas do Blessingway ceremonies or sand paintings.

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