April 26, 2008

Croatians unclear about Indians

VIDEO:  Native Americans Want Independence

We are a minority in our own land, slaves of the white, underestimated and despised, said the greatest native American leader."We are a minority in our own land, slaves of the white, underestimated and despised. They keep us locked in reservations like some sort of animals, they loot our land and children. Nothing has changed in the past 150 years," said the greatest Native American leader from the time of Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, Russell Means, who added that America will live again when the European spirit in it dies.

By death of European Spirit, he means that America has to put more attention to the spirit and culture of the natives, who are turned to the human being and its spiritual perfection, and not material like the European spirit promotes.
And:Russell Means is gathering all Native Americans and is trying to give them back that spirit which they had once. And he succeeds. The Lakota, who are about 20 thousand, have unanimously decided to retreat the signature from the truce agreement signed in 1890 in Washington.

"We urge all American Indians to do the same in their reservations, and we invite all those who want to come and live with us. They will be tax freed, we will live with the earth, praise the human spirit, we will get off from the law of the government," said Means, and the Lakota’s project confirms how serious his intentions are.
Comment:  Russell Means the greatest Indian leader since Sitting Bull? The Lakota have agreed unanimously to secede from the US? Uh, no. The first claim is extremely doubtful and the second statement is flatly wrong.

For more on the subject, see The Republic of Lakotah.

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