June 15, 2009

Native writer on Zeke and Luther

OU graduate writes script for TV show

By Penny Soldan University of Oklahoma graduate Steven Judd was thrilled to be a finalist for the 2008 Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship Program. Not only was he among 14 picked for the fellowship from 2,500-plus applicants, but he was one of two participants who got to write a TV script.

His script will air as an episode of the new comedy series "Zeke and Luther," which premieres at 7:30 tonight on Disney XD. He also was a staff writer on all the episodes.
And:His episode also made Judd eligible to join the Writers Guild of America. Of the guild’s 12,000 members, only nine are American Indians, and Judd is one of just three who are active.

"I was proud of that," said Judd, who is of Kiowa and Choctaw heritage. "Not proud of that number, but proud to be one getting to write."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Diversity Lacking in Television.

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