June 21, 2009

Asian actors in Jonah Hex

Morten Krogh of NativeCelebs posted a note from actor Alan Eaglewolf on Facebook. In part it said:Osiyo brother, how is it going? Working with Josh Brolin was incredible. What a very personal and nice guy. He treated all very nice and introduced and shook hands with us all regardless of extras, cast and crew. As for the Native cast, there was very few of us. Most were of Asian descent.

In regards to the authenticity of the Native parts, it way off but seeing it is based off a comic book character, they weren't going for authenticity. It was still a wonderful experience.
In response to this, Roscoe Pond wrote:Cool Morten! You got the scoop. Sounds great.And I wrote:Asians?! There's no reason a movie based on a comic book can't have an authentic cast. Sounds like Jonah Hex is asking for criticism.Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Origin of Jonah Hex and Casting in Jonah Hex Movie. For more on non-Natives cast as Natives, see Friday, Tonto, Jacob Black, et al.

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