June 13, 2009

TV pilot about urban Indians

'Tales of an Urban Indian'TALES OF AN URBAN INDIAN is the very first series of its kind; a quirky comic-drama about Canada’s urban Native population. The series follows the escapades of BRIAN DOUGLAS (Darrell Dennis), a First Nations actor who is disillusioned by the stereotypes of Native people in the media. To battle these stereotypes, BRIAN has resolved to expose the truth about the urban Aboriginal experience and change the perception of Native people forever. If only he could get his personal life together first! His first major endeavor in this quest is a homemade documentary entitled, “TALES OF AN URBAN INDIAN.”

BRIAN is pulled in many different directions by an eclectic mix of characters: DOMINIQUE (Katya Gardner), his spoiled heiress girlfriend, TERRI AND TANYA (Shauna and Shannon Baker), the two beautiful Native twins that live next door, ADAM (Graham Greene), the grouchy spirit that haunts Simon’s apartment, and KYE7E JOSIE, SIMON’S grandmother and voice of reason. These people, combined with the countless girlfriends, bosses, producers, enemies, etc., will continue to help or hinder BRIAN in his “Tales.”
Comment:  Once again, APTN leads the way with innovative television about Indians.

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dmarks said...

KYE7E looked like either a typo, or a ham radio call sign. So I looked it up, and found many occurances of the name on Google. But nothing on pronunciation.

Rob said...

I wondered about that, but was too busy to look it up.

The Secwepemc Nation resides in British Columbia. Looking over their website, I gather they occasionally use a "7" to represent some sound or letter.


Kye7e: Means grandmother in the Secwepemc language.

Anonymous said...

KYE7E is pronounced 'Kee-ya-ah', with a small catch in the throat after 'ya'.
It means Grandmother in Secwepemc...