June 19, 2009

Un3ek Sy5tem at the Heard

Heard showcases Native American designers

By Mandy ZajacThe world-renowned katsina and pottery collections of the Heard Museum will take a backseat today to graffiti-inspired t-shirts created by two young fashion designers from Tempe.

Tyson Powless and Quishana Begay will show off their edgy line of Un3ek Sy5tem clothing and accessories in a fashion show at the museum's Native + U event, a free party centered around music, fashion, art and jewelry created by hip, young Native Americans.

The 20-something couple with Navajo and Iroquois heritage base their designs on a mix of hip-hop culture and Native American symbolism. The results are bold, youthful graphics that are a far cry from pastel Southwest-gift-shop style. So far, their duds are available at select Native American events, hip-hop clubs, art shows and music festivals.

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