June 16, 2009

"X" cap benefits College Fund

Lakers' Phil Jackson caps off win in style

The yellow "X" cap he wore a few minutes after the Lakers won the NBA title spawns a deluge of calls from fans wanting one.

By Mike Bresnahan
The yellow "X" cap that Lakers Coach Phil Jackson donned a few minutes after the Lakers won the NBA championship on Sunday in Orlando, Fla., spawned a deluge of phone calls to the office of Jackson's father-and-son agent team of Todd and Brian Musburger.

Jackson initially thought his sons and daughters created the cap for him, but the Musburgers made it as a symbol of Jackson's winning his 10th NBA championship as a coach.
And:The Musburgers have decided to sell the cap for $25 through collegefund.org.

All proceeds will go to the American Indian College Fund, as per Jackson's wishes, Musburger said.
Comment:  Jackson also spoke out against the "Fighting Sioux" nickname. And he's used Indian concepts in his coaching.

For more on the subject, see Jackson:  Change "Sioux" Nickname.

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