December 31, 2009

Goin' Native on Showtime

Former Omak man appears on Showtime New Year’s Eve show

By Sheila CorsonVaughn EagleBear will have his first national comedy performance aired at 10 p.m. tonight, Dec. 31, on Showtime--“Goin' Native: The American Indian Comedy Slam.”More on EagleBear and the show:He was always interested in stand-up comedy as a child, and used to mimic Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, throwing in his own "Indian versions," he said.

After moving to Spokane in 2000, EagleBear said he walked by an open-mike comedy place and thought he could do it. So he tried, and started practicing and doing more. Then he got paid gigs and started working in casinos.

EagleBear said the jobs kept getting bigger and bigger until he landed the Showtime performance, which was filmed in February.

EagleBear said it was an honor to work with Charlie Hill, one of the seven American Indian comedians in the special. Hill is possibly the first American Indian to get a national stage, appearing on Jay Leno and David Letterman’s shows, EagleBear said.

Others in the show are Larry Omaha, J.R. Redwater, Jim Ruel, Marc Yaffee and Howie Miller.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Plays and Other Stage Shows.

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Michelle R. Hall Shining Elk said...

Ah finally! This special has been a long time coming! It was taped here in Los Angeles earlier this year to a sold out crowd. The producers and directors, at Showtime and Laugh Outloud Comedy were all totally taken by surprise by the sold out crowd, the level of the comedy and the reaction of the crowd to the comedy. It was a magical night in deed. Am very proud of all of these guys, especially my boy Vaughn representin' the Colvilles yeah boiii!