December 13, 2009

Doors open for New Moon's Indians

In Kiowa Gordon's Upcoming Horror Movies, we saw how Twilight has opened doors for one Wolf Pack member. Here's an update on two more of the "wolf boys."

Twilight actor speaks

By Eliza BrookeSpencer, himself a member of the Lakota Sioux tribe, said Hollywood tends to place Native Americans actors in stereotypical roles. As an actor, he said he has turned down roles and lost jobs because he did not want to play to this stereotype. Though the role of Sam Uley is specifically Native American, Spencer said his success following the blockbuster will in fact enable him to step outside this denomination and into roles that are not made for Native American actors.

In this regard, Spencer said he looks up to fellow actor Denzel Washington.

“I’m not comparing myself to Denzel,” he said. “But he’s taken roles not specifically designed for African Americans.”

Spencer is using his newfound fame to take on roles that he describes as “intelligent.” Next up is a film called “The Block,” in which he will play a struggling author who finds that the only way to escape his writer’s block is through murder. Spencer said he was attracted to the film’s intelligence and dark humor.

Spencer is also working on a full-length documentary with his production company, Urban Dream, that will address water rights on Indian reservations. Spencer said he hopes that the project will bring attention to an issue that is close to his heart. The actor works with the aid organization United Global Shift on this issue. He said that he wants to bring bottling plants to reservations, providing people with both jobs and clean water.

“It’s your god-given right to have water,” he said.
Confirming the obvious that New Moon is opening doors:

See 'Twilight: New Moon' stars:  Alex Meraz in Grand Rapids, Taylor Lautner on 'Saturday Night Live'

By Lorilee CrakerAlex Meraz has sprung into action.

The actor, who plays belligerent werewolf Paul in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," has leaped from tiny indie films to the top of the box office as part of the worldwide sensation that is everything "Twilight."

"(Being in 'New Moon') has changed my life tremendously," the 24-year-old actor and married father of one said in a phone interview. "Before, I had to fight for auditions. I was never 'Native' enough, 'Latin' enough, 'white' enough.

"Now I'm the perfect look," he added wryly.

Meraz will appear Saturday at the Grand Rapids Griffins' "Twilight Night." He'll sign autographs for ticketed fans before the Griffs' 8 p.m. game with the Milwaukee Admirals.
Comment:  It continues to make me laugh that Hollywood didn't think these actors were "right" for roles until they appeared in a hit movie. Suddenly, they're right for a bunch of roles.

In other words, filmmakers, studios, and investors are too racist to think straight. They don't recognize the talent of brown-skinned actors or the wishes of brown-skinned audiences. They'll continue casting people like Johnny Depp as Indians because they're too blind to see the evidence in front of their faces.

For more on the subject, see Movie "Star Vehicles" Flop and Fallacy of the Big-Name Actor.

Below:  "'New Moon' actor Chaske Spencer spoke about his acting experiences and hopes at an Ezra Stiles Master’s Tea." (Erica Cooper/Photography Editor)


Lynette said...


Have been a fan of Chaske for nearly 18 months since noticing his pure acting talent in "Into the West" and asking "When is this guy going to get some more roles?" Alas, (I guess that has been the price), the first was Twilight, but finally it looks like we are going to get to see what he is really capable of - likewise Alex Meraz I suspect!

Chance said...

Thats Great for the WolfPack!!!

I wish them the best!!!