February 15, 2012

"Settlement" in Saturday Night Live

Last week's Saturday Night Live (airdate: 2/11/12) continued the show's streak of Native references.

First, on a segment featuring Nicolas Cage and his clone (Andy Samberg), the clone praised the original:Well, it's easy to support a man with the rugged, smoky features of a cunning cigar-store Indian.Then, in a sketch featuring a cellphone salesman (Bill Hader) explaining phone technology to a befuddled customer (Fred Armisen):Salesman: Are you a small-business owner?

Customer: No, I live off a settlement.

Salesman: You're a Native American.

Customer: Not on a settlement. Off a settlement. I got clipped by a city bus.
These references are trivial, of course, but they're still slightly distasteful.

The first implies Indians are "cunning" even when they're stoic and stone-faced. I'm not sure how that's possible, but it's not a flattering comparison. You probably shouldn't compare anyone to a wooden Indian, or even mention wooden Indians, unless it's to disparage old stereotypes.

The second is just odd. People rarely if ever call an Indian reservation a "settlement." The word implies it's more of a voluntary choice and less of an incarceration than in reality. And 78% of Indians live off-reservation these days, although I wouldn't expect the average American to know that. People shouldn't be surprised to see Indians at cellphone stores, though they undoubtedly would be.

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Below:  Nicolas Cage in a headdress?

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