February 15, 2012

Sports Warriors Track Club

An organization located in Albuquerque but open to members nationally:

Improving the quality of life, one Native at a time

By Michael DaneySports Warriors Track Club has a simple mission; to support Native American running at all levels, from recreational to elite. One of our motto’s, “Improving the quality of life, one Native at a time.”

SWTC is aware of the under representation of Native American runners competing at U.S. national championship level. In addition, very few have been selected to compete for the U.S. at International running events, including the world championships and the Olympics. One of our goals is to change that through our support and collective knowledge of running, health, fitness, nutrition and athletics.
Comment:  For more on Indians and running, see "Girls on the Run" at Rosebud and Documentary on Sacred Runs.

Below:  "L-R Angelo Baca (Dine'/Hopi) Jason King (Dine') Kyle Gokliah (white Mt. Apache) Mike Daney (Choctaw) Haskell Brave Mascot (Inter-tribal) Bryan Waatsa (Zuni Pueblo) Torry Zeller (Sioux) Theo Round Face (Crow/Sioux)."

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